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DEA Criminalizes CBD Extracts?

The DEA has announced that they consider CBD extracts schedule I drugs, and that they’re going to start tracking them separately from marijuana to ensure compliance with the law.

Possible FDA Commissioner O’Neill: Return Medical Decisions to Patients and Doctors

President-elect Trump may nominate Jim O’Neill, health care investor and regulator, to run FDA. Notably, O’Neill is an advocate for letting patients and doctors to decide what drugs are right for them, and charging FDA with focusing not on whether a drug works well enough, but simply whether or not it is safe enough.

A Cure for PTSD? MDMA Advances to Phase 3 Trials

MDMA is now in phase 3 trials for PTSD. And thanks to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, you may be able to join a study as well.