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Sketchy Online Pharmacies Contribute to Huge Drop in HIV Infections

Truvada prevents HIV infections. Until recently, it was so hard to come by in the UK that one man educated thousands of gay men in how to buy it online. A year later, HIV infections had dropped by 40%, in one of the greatest modern public health stories.

Marijuana and Dopamine: A Study in Complexity

Since chronic marijuana use may be correlated with mental health disorders in some people, it’s useful that we’re starting to understand how the brain’s dopamine system may play a role in such developments. The interactions between cannabinoids and the dopamine system are complex, though, and more research is needed.

Possible FDA Commissioner O’Neill: Return Medical Decisions to Patients and Doctors

President-elect Trump may nominate Jim O’Neill, health care investor and regulator, to run FDA. Notably, O’Neill is an advocate for letting patients and doctors to decide what drugs are right for them, and charging FDA with focusing not on whether a drug works well enough, but simply whether or not it is safe enough.