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DEA Admits Ignorance of Montana Medical Marijuana Law

Despite Congress passing a law to keep the Department of Justice from interfering with state medical marijuana laws and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ordering the Department of Justice not to prosecute medical marijuana cases in compliance with state laws, last week the DEA admitted to having no idea what Montana laws the victims of a 2016 were or were not breaking…

Trump Administration Promises Recreational Marijuana Crackdown

Ever since California passed the country’s first medical marijuana ballot initiative in 1996, an uneasy tension has existed between the states and the federal government. Now, almost all states have defied the federal government by passing some kind of pro-marijuana law, whether recreational, medical, or decriminalization. In fact, the list of states where recreational marijuana […]

Maine Eighth State to Legalize Marijuana

Now that Maine has legalized marijuana, only five states have made zero progress on marijuana reform: Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, South Dakota, and West Virginia.