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Sketchy Online Pharmacies Contribute to Huge Drop in HIV Infections

Truvada prevents HIV infections. Until recently, it was so hard to come by in the UK that one man educated thousands of gay men in how to buy it online. A year later, HIV infections had dropped by 40%, in one of the greatest modern public health stories.

Are Psychedelics the New Prozac?

Depression, smoking, alcoholism, PTSD. While people have found healing through psychedelics for a variety of mental and physical disorders, it’s unclear exactly what is going on. Fortunately, researchers for the first time in decades are able to explore these phenomena.

FDA Head With Financial Ties to Nicorette Doesn’t Want You To Consume Competitor’s Products

Snus is a type of Swedish smokeless tobacco that helps smokers safely quit. And yet, FDA would rather consumers not have this information.