The War on Drugs is a war on liberty, on science and medicine, and on consciousness itself. It is a racist and classist ideology masquerading as righteousness. It is responsible for millions upon millions of human rights abuses.

Opponents of the war on drugs can be anti-drug, because the only person who has the right to decide what goes on in your mind is you, and being anti-drug does not have to mean that you are anti-human rights. And, in fact, some of the worst effects of drugs–hard drug addiction, overdoses, psychotic behavior–are consequences of the war on drugs itself.

But if you don’t oppose the war on drugs, you are complicit in its destructive force. Instead, let’s work to reduce the ability for governments, cartels, and other such violent gangs to dominate and destroy people’s lives.

Let us stop governments from imprisoning millions of non-violent people. Let us stop giving the police excuses to hassle minorities. Let us stop the militarization of local police forces. Let us stop asset forfeiture.

Let us conduct medical and scientific research. Let us gain a better understanding of addiction and other maladaptive behaviors. Let us create tools to help save alcoholics, addicts, and all those who suffer. Let us explore how our minds work and how we can heal and improve them. Let us dance and enjoy life. Let us make the world a more beautiful, peaceful place. Let us save one another, and in doing so, save the world.