Marijuana May Not Cause Schizophrenia

Can marijuana use result in schizophrenia? While associations between marijuana use and schizophrenia are well established, it is much less clear what is actually going on. Perhaps marijuana use triggers latent schizophrenia that might not have otherwise developed. Perhaps people with schizophrenia tend to prefer marijuana more than more neurotypical people, as we know is the case with tobacco consumption and schizophrenia (though we don’t know why). Fortunately for consumers of marijuana, a recently-published study from the UK finds at while there is some evidence that marijuana use increases the risk of schizophrenia, that there is strong evidence that the causality arrow points away from marijuana as a cause of schizophrenia. In particular, people with a genotype that predisposes them to schizophrenia are more likely to consume marijuana than others.

As is the case with all research, no one study is definitive, so consumers and patients should consider this study helpful, but not the final word. If you would like to examine the study yourself so you can more accurately assess your personal risk, you can do so here.


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