Philippines President Takes Fentanyl, Kills Other Drug Users

Rodrigo Duerte, president of the Philippines, has become infamous since taking office in June 2016 for a bloody crackdown on those alleged to take or sell drugs. So far, an estimated 6,000 people have been executed, often by extrajudicial vigilantes, with little to no evidence. Now, Duerte, who says he used to kill suspected criminals from his motorcycle, admits that he used to take up to eight times as much fentanyl as his doctor advised, only stopping once he was told that he was abusing the opioid painkiller.

While no one should be forced to live in pain when there are effective ways of treating it, the magnitude of president Duerte’s hypocrisy is unusually shocking. If nothing else, it serves as a reminder that medical decisions should not be delegated to firing squads, politicians, bureaucrats, or any other groups of thugs.

President-elect Donald Trump allegedly told Duerte on a recent phone call that the Philippines president was prosecuting his drug war “the right way,” though more compassionate fans of the rule of law might beg to differ.

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