Canada Task Force to Trudeau: Legalize It

A Canadian government task force has recommended that marijuana should be legal for those eighteen and older, albeit with heavy restrictions on packaging and marketing. It is unknown if the Trudeau government will accept the recommendations, however.


  • Allow for the public possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana.
  • Permit Canadians to grow four of their own plants at home.
  • Allow for retail sales and for indoor marijuana lounges.
  • Require plain packaging for marijuana that lists the THC and CBD content, the name of the strain and producer, and a warning about the possible health risks.
  • Ban most marijuana advertising, unless it will be seen only by adults.
  • Fund a public education campaign about marijuana and the possible dangers.
  • Allow the sale of edibles, as long as they are not deemed to be “appealing to children.”
  • Discourage provinces from selling marijuana in stores that also sell tobacco or alcohol — “wherever possible.”
  • Remove most criminal prohibitions for marijuana, limit prosecutions for less serious offences, and move to fines for breaking licensing or production rules.
  • Push for “graduated” penalties for driving under the influence of marijuana, ranging from fines to criminal prosecution — but also invest more seriously in studying the link between THC and impairment on driving.
  • Push for a competitive cultivation and distribution market that makes room for smaller growers, and encourages involvement of Indigenous communities.

Read more from the task force’s report:

Marijuana task force report

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